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Textile Parser / Syntax Highlighting

by Thomas Fritzsche on 27 Jun 09:41 | no comment (Add Comment)
Tags: development

I’m using a Java-Script based Textile parser and integrated a Syntaxhighlighter:

This works quite well and I can display the result while typing in the browser. Cool! However there are some disadvantages as well:

  • As there is no real html, but everything is pure Javascript and JSON, it would be difficult for search engine’s like google to scan pages based on this.
  • When I like to create Atom feeds I just have the raw-Textile source available and just can not produce html(or text) output.

Well,… I have started to create a textile parser in Ruby to be able to parse the content in the backend. While there are still several constructs missing I have already the most important constructs ready. This can be checked on Github: [link]

Meanwhile I notice that it get more and more popular to integrate Javascript within the backend (usually using Google V8 engine).
There are standalone engines (like node.js) but also integration into an Ruby stack. I still hesitate to mix up Ruby with Javascript code but if you look at Coffeescript that look promising!
Rails 3.1. is supposed to deliver some of the Javascript stuff… let’s see.

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